Episode 88

Published on:

21st May 2024

Unlocking Collaboration and Trust in the Tax Law Community with Nancy Prosser

In this episode of the SALTovation podcast, we speak with Nancy Prosser, General Counsel at the Multistate Tax Commission. Nancy shares her experiences navigating through the complexities of introducing major legislative tax changes and discusses the intricacies of rule-making and policy development. She also talks about the importance of collaboration and transparency within the tax community, be it through engaging with different states' revenue departments or fostering constructive dialogues within the MTC.

Listen this week as we take a look at the evolution of tax legislation and policy from the trenches of legal administration to the broader scope of multi-state coordination. 


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Nancy Prosser's unconventional journey into state and local tax 
  • The implementation of Texas' franchise tax reform: heavy emphasis on rule development, training, and taxpayer education to ensure a smooth transition
  • The Multistate Tax Commission plays a pivotal role in addressing interstate tax policy issues and fostering a collaborative approach amongst state tax administrations.
  • The symbiotic relationship between tax professionals across sectors and the mutual growth derived from sharing expertise.


  • “We brought the multistate tax commission in to do training to help taxpayers and practitioners understand how the comptroller's office was going to administer this very major shift.” -Nancy Prosser [08:38]

  • “As I advanced through the agency and had more of a kind of global perspective on the agency itself in our work, it dawned on me more and more that decisions that were made in terms of tax policy did not just affect Texas, obviously, but did impact the world because so many people were doing business in Texas.” -Nancy Prosser [20:43]


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